Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updated Updates by a Lonesome Dreamer

I havent really updating my blog in a long time and I might not be so Im ceasing the moment

Its been a long time And just an update, I am currently unemployed (not that Im complaining)

I am in fact enjoying it

So now I have to concentrate on other endeavors

Got plenty of things to do, Somehow It seem to pile up on my mind I ended up tired before I even began

And I keep wondering what has happened to me after I started this blog

This started only as a musings of a broken hearted but now, Im surprised

I havent even mentioned it Sign of moving on? Definitely.

I deserve to create something great in every situation Im in regardless If its good or not so.

Im just keeping the faith and go on with life.

Its a fair game when you think about it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I’m leaving Good Bye to you My Friends (Officemates)

I’m leaving such a nice place

That I will never ever forget

When I look back I will always smile and keep in mind that I have visited a great castle

With colleagues turned into friends whom I will forever treasure

The usual eating in the round table

Each has a surprising retorts, comments, ideas. A total bonding time

I will miss everything my computer, the coldness, the friendship

The beautiful facade whom way before I have learned to admire

But all good things must come to an end to start anew

Live the good life and prepare for the good fight

I can’t contain this any further I was sad the moment it got confirmed

It is true I am leaving a great bunch of people

I don’t know what to react even I couldn’t reassure myself that it is for the best. It’s got to be.

But that's how life goes that’s how it is

People will come and go. And a very good few will stay in your heart and in your life.

These people will remain in your heart as you embark into a new chapter in your life

They will be a constant reminder that a few good people do exist

I didn’t mean to get attached to them but I did

I’ve exerted all efforts possible to stay at the sideline, reminding myself that all these are temporary

That soon I will leave them so I shouldn’t get too close, but it could not be avoided

These people will remain in my heart permanently

I did... I like them and enjoyed being with them It seems like we know each other for so long

But as it is its gotta end I will surely miss the eating out

The nice office building which has a circle at the top I will miss that but soon this is a way of saying hello to a brand new endeavour in our lives

Monday, December 15, 2008

Season already ended

Its been a wild crazy happy sad exciting year for me but this is sure a memorable year for a million of reasons

I grew I grew a lot

I welcome the changes that happened and continously happening to me right now

I have ventured on the things I havent been doing lately or never could have imagined I will do but guess where I am right now

Pain sadness Joy Happiness all of it I have experienced maybe more than I could have bargained for

But true enough I am still alive and kicking, ready to conquer the year ahead

For sure with a lot of struggles which I definitely will hurdle

The year that was and looking forward for the bright new next year

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My life long Escapade

Ooopps I almost forgot before I move along with my other activities i would like to add something in my bloggy blog

Yep folks I am doing a blog entry to be read by you

A very wise man once told me pretend as if you are talking to one person explaining things to him or

telling him stories ( such a vey nice man indeed) maybe because he is mature; experience and age wise (peace!)

Now I have to talk to this person now i having a difficult time of what kind of person am I to choose

Probably because I have been talking to almost all different kinds of people in various forms personally through the internet

and through the phone. Most of it through internet.

So thats why I have eye strains more than 8 hours in front of the pc all day long

Back to that imaginary person that im talking too hey I had a busy day today

Now I am wondering if I really did accomplish something may be I have its just that I am afraid

I might be diversified and constantly be reminded why I am here or my purpose

A very good friend of mine reminded me and then it hit me does this all pertain to what I am trying to be

Have I overly enjoyed the view that I no longer care of my progresss in the other fields of my life

Wake up and try to excell more in pursuing your most treasured dream

No one will strive for you but yourself.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unimagined Truths To ponder

It's been a while since I have a real post here out of my own creative mind.

And boy I miss it.

I decided to do something somewhat radical I am in fact posting my blog 2-3 times a day

and improving its appearance and most of all promote promote and promote it that I will surely do

I came accross a girl who seems to know It all in terms of blogosphere (if there is such a term)

And true enough she woke me up

What is it that I truly want?, hidden inside that question is the thought of who I really am

She got it all planned and then it hit me I dont really have a concrete plan in 5 or 10 years from now terms

I am just living by the moment

Which am not saying its bad but I start to wonder is it really good?

Here I am following an old routine who knows when to end on its own accord

I must do something a different non tested bold action I havent been doing

yes I have dreams I have aspirations but have I really done a great effort towards achieving that goal

Truth is I havent... I just walk through life briskly and carefree for all i care mode

Now I am deciding a better improved action per action principle

That I will fulfill my dreams and take imediate action in achieving them

No one can tell me what to do

I should be able to know deep within me what to do

No more procrastination no more excuses just living it up to the fullest

I am so bless to find this out now rather than later

And now i must face the questions that nags me for quite sometime

What is it that I truly want what is it that will make my life easy and comfortable

without me cluttering my mind with what shall I do next and answer this never ending thought

so what now?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

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